Is Christianity True or is it False?

Is Christianity True or is it False? It's the age-old debate, and the God in the Pits official website understands that professionals require a different set of answers to this question. The Christianity and Teacher of Religion Web Pages contained on this site explore these issues in the context of International Business Politics and Laws. Why is this site named It's out of respect for one of the most progressive narratives in contemporary history, God in the Pits, by teacher of religion gadfly Mark Andrew Ritchie.

"God in the Pits is a compelling story of Mark Ritchie's quest for meaning and truth in the Commodity pits and the pits of life. I read about 30 books a year. None has gripped me more . . . With his trading experience as a backdrop, he unveils a path to truth about his physical and spiritual world that has real meaning. Must read for seekers of value, truth, and reality in the biggest sense." -Merrill J. Oster, Publisher Futures Magazine

This site exists as a self-discovery resource for philosophers, entrepreneurs, equity traders, media execs and worldview advocates who understand the challenges and the gap between political ideal and political reality. With a sea of other websites devoted to discussion of social issues, God in the Pits attains uniqueness by providing a politically incorrect exchange for voicing opinions while bestowing visitors with the moral motivation for socially responsible professional decisions. Access full text portions from the God in the Pits excerpts section


Ritchie called it: Afghanistan hotbed for the Christianity True or False debate.

Big news for the christianity truth or false debate: the importance of submission in islam enters center stage as a factor. Ritchie writes,

"Every Moslem in Asia knows that jihad has little to do with inner temptation. And every Moslem in Asia knows that Islam does not mean peace. (Its meaning is actually even better that that; Islam means submission. It is common knowledge that the submission is to God.)
We revel in our free speech. We fancy ourselves mature enough to handle the truth no matter how harsh. Then no one speaks it. Moslem people are kind, loving, and hospitable. That is the straight, simple, and beautiful truth. But it is equally truth that Islam is not a peace-loving and tolerant religion.
My critics may double in number by this suggestion, but it's time to consider that the phrase "peace-loving, tolerant religion" might just be an oxymoron.
I am dumbfounded that, to date, no one has stood up to state the simple truth: Those nineteen hijackers attacked America because they firmly believe that we are evil. And what is worse, there is ample evidence to support their belief."

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Knowing whether Christianity is True or False will help you:

  • advance in personal performance
  • maintain emotional equilibrium
  • keep professionally and spiritually positive
  • understand the effects that organized religion has had on society
  • think implicationally about the ramifications of the choices you make every day
  • be confidently equipped to handle difficult globalization issues
  • Christianity: True or False? God in the Pits web pages probe the timeless discussion of if indeed the religion of christianity is truth. Here topics are discussed such as the importance of submission in islam, al qaeda operation as terrorist organization, what happened to enron, if a muslim woman's gown should be worn, and counter trade intermediaries. In the context of Iraq, Iran, and Bin Laden, christianity truth or false oralists prefer to litter the web with discussion of the al qaeda operation as terrorist organization, but are we missing all aspects of the discussion when we compare and contrast Muslim and Christianity on such narrow terms? Can the doctrine of double effect and terrorism be applied to all faiths?

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