Globalization and Job Security

In a world obsessed with the problems of globalization and job security, small village economic development, indigenous environment globalization and what is the future of poverty in the third world, there are a myriad of views and models to choose from. What are the disadvantages globalization creates? Do missionaries and humanitarian organizations actually hinder indigenous cultures? What are the effects that organized religion has had on society-on indigenous cultures specifically?

Effects of Globalisation on Supply Chain

In recent years this subject has been hotly debated. When Mark Ritchie traveled to several remote tribes in the Amazon, he encountered the benefits & threats of globalization head on and found some remarkable insights. The following is an excerpt from his research paper, God in the Pits: the Enron Jihad Edition:

I queried the leader of the village as to the difference that Christianity had made there. The chief, raised a killer, had a refreshing way of speaking bluntly and to the point "Before we heard the message about Christ, we lived the most miserable existence imaginable. Every moment of the day our lives were consumed by fear that the people we hunted to kill might kill us. If they couldn't kill us, they would steal our wives and kill our babies. Since we've turned to Christ, we have lived in peace. Our lives have improved beyond description. When you go visit some of my people in other villages, you will see what I mean. They still live in horrible fear."

Advantages - Disadvantages Globalization

So I asked him, "You know, there are many people who believe that you ought to be left alone out here in the jungle, not interfered with at all; what would you say to them?"

"These people are ignorant," he responded quickly. "They have no idea of the amount of pain and misery that is endured by my people here. Why they would not want us to improve our lives is a complete mystery to us. They improve theirs, don't they? Do they think we are less than human, that we do not feel pain, that we do not experience grief when a relative is killed?"

"You know what they will say about that in my country, don't you? They'll say that you have been brainwashed by these missionaries. All you know is what they have taught you. What would you say to people who say that?"

"These people are so ignorant," he said. "They laugh at us. They mock my people. I would tell them that they weren't here to see the constant pain that I personally endured. I would tell them to come out here in the middle of the jungle, and don't bring those shotguns or any of those supplies. And no clothes. They think we are so Western for wearing clothes. Let them come out here and live out in the middle of the jungle with nothing but a bow and arrow to stay alive. We'll even help them learn how to plant manioc before we send them off to a happy life in the jungle. These people are experts at writing books, but when it comes to the real world of the jungle, they are so ignorant."

Excerpt from God in the Pits, The Enron-Jihad Edition, by Mark Andrew Ritchie
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