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What is the reason behind the Mohammed cartoon outrage? Was it merely a group of fanatical individuals perpetuating extremist Islamic terrorist Muslim atrocities? Or is it due to the basic beliefs of Muslim peoples? In trying to discover the problems and solutions of the violent Mohammed cartoon response, Mark Ritchie, who lived in Afghanistan for several years, speaks to the core differences between Christians and Muslims:

Basic Beliefs of Muslim Peoples

In our love of diversity, we have participated in keeping the Islamic world in this state. When my father went to Afghanistan in the fifties, he was asked to sign a contract stating that he would never tell an Afghan about Jesus. This contract was not required of him by the Afghan government. It was required by the United States. Therefore, why should we be surprised when we see nineteen men do the only thing they have been taught? No one has ever told them about love. No one has ever told them about the golden rule. And certainly no one has ever told them about Jesus.

The prohibition against speaking about the non-violent teachings of Jesus has done more to perpetrate the attack of 9/11 than any other single factor. It is a waste of a human mind to deny it this choice. Yet that is precisely what America has done. We criticize Saudi Arabia for not allowing a woman to drive. But I've never heard the slightest criticism for their refusal to allow a church to be built. Nor have I ever heard anyone either in the state department or the press ever mention that the introduction of missionaries, a mission school for poor children, for example, would be a progressive step for an Islamic country. Our willingness to restrict the teachings of Jesus in Islamic countries was a major factor in the 9/11 attacks.

Excerpt from God in the Pits, The Enron-Jihad Edition, by Mark Andrew Ritchie
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