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Deception. It’s all about deception in the context of Muslim Cartoons. For years I have given every wannabe commodity trader this advice, "Get your spiritual house in order and keep your office on the first floor." Moslems the world over are finally helping me explain the meaning, if not the importance, of this line. In the afternoon of the great stock market crash of ’29, some committed suicide by jumping from upper floor windows - some because they only had a million dollars left.


Spiritual orientation matters. The riots around the world over cartoons of the prophet are a direct result of spiritual orientation, a subject we have ignored to our peril. A few years ago I distressed an audience (maybe "pissed off" would be a more accurate verb) when I said, "The nineteen hijackers who flew into the WTC towers spent about three years in this country. If we had shone them the kind of hospitality we would receive in their country, they might not have been able to do what they did." Of course this in no way justifies what they did; it makes the point I started with. It’s all about deception.

Mohammed Cartoon Protests

We should expect to be continually confused by behavior from the Moslem world because we have refused to try and understand their spiritual orientation. Here’s a final example of our confusion. Ken Lay and Any Fastow destroyed lives out of a motivation we understand - greed. The nineteen hijackers destroyed lives in the pursuit of righteousness with the expectation of an eternal reward. It’s all about deception.

Blogburst by Mark Andrew Ritchie author of God in the Pits, The Enron-Jihad Edition,
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