God in the Pits is a compelling story of Mark Ritchie’s quest for meaning and truth in the Commodity pits and the pits of life. I read about 30 books a year. None has gripped me more…. With his trading experience as a backdrop, he unveils a path to truth about his physical and spiritual world that has real meaning. Must read for seekers of value, truth, and reality in the biggest sense.”

            —Merrill J. Oster, Publisher Futures Magazine

            “Successful traders are few and far between, and fewer still write autobiographies. But the public clamor for insights into the minds of successful traders has placed books such as Reminiscences of a Stock Operator among the bestsellers of all time.  God in the Pits deserves to join it…. A dynamic and well written book— a truth page-turner.”


            "Makes a case that it is possible to go long on soybeans without compromising one’s religious devotion.”


            “Could be just what the pits need.”

            —Institutional Investor


            Donald J. Trump

            “One of the five books that should be in the business person’s essential library.”

            —Working Woman

            “Some people would be surprised, even skeptical, to hear a trader talk about how he found God and about the importance of God in his life. But that is the story Mark Ritchie successfully relates in this poignant and sensitively written book.”

            —Kansas City Times

            “They are ordinary guys and certified psychos, calculating entrepreneurs and seat-of-the-pants gamblers. They are all found in the pits…. Then along comes Mark Ritchie, and you can add Mother Theresa to the stew. Ritchie is a former pit trader and a founding partner of Chicago Research and Trading, one of the leading commodity options trading firms. Unlike most of his peers, the excess baggage Ritchie took to the pits was a fundamentalist Christian upbringing, and even more unlike other traders, he gives his trading profits away to the poorest people in the world…. The effort is something you can pull for, and Ritchie’s story is surely one of the most unexpected to emerge from the trading floor…. It is, however, a truth tortuous journey to the promised land.”

            —Chicago Sun-Times Book Review

            “He provides insights into the ethical and moral inner conflicts that anyone doing business must face and offers illuminating glimpses into the workings of commodities trading, as well as explains how he can be both a rigorous money-maker and a man of strong Christian belief. He writes with a genuine sincerity and without proselytizing.”

            —American Library Association Booklist

Mark Ritchie

            “His wit and honesty are very appealing. He has a genuine capacity for discerning and conveying spiritual insights––with a refreshing lack of ego inflation. A welcome and unusual item in the confessional genre.”

            —Library Journal

            “Ritchie seems to have managed the biblically impossible task of serving both God and mammon. An observant (albeit live-and-let-live) Christian, the author has earned a considerable fortune in Chicago’s rough-and-tumble futures markets. On the evidence of his low-key text, which combines a spiritual autobiography and personal memoir with a rags-to-riches success story, he’s also an extremely rewarding writer…. Obviously aware that his insistence that Christians live up to the teachings of the Master will win him few friends among organized religions, the author pokes gentle fun at truth believers and ideologues…. Nor are his oft-expressed views that amateurs should not speculate in commodities calculated to endear him to fellow traders who make fine livings from the public. Another Mark (with the last name of Twain), is said to have remarked on the ‘calm confidence of a Christian with four aces.’ Ritchie has this sort of assurance and more, which he shares in a very special book.”

            —Kirkus Reviews


Excerpt from God in the Pits, The Enron-Jihad Edition, by Mark Andrew Ritchie
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